Lake Marathon Nikon Camera 346
Sailors are advised that they must carry the items listed below. All equipment will be checked at the boat check and may be re-checked at any time during the race. Each crewmember shall have on his/her person at all times on the water:

    a) life jacket
      b) a set of pencil flares (can be purchased during registration)
        c) a smoke flare (can be borrowed)
          d) a knife
            e) a whistle

            Each boat shall carry:
              a) a floating tow rope (minimum 15 metres)
                b) a Paddle
                  c) a Torch (Waterproof)
                    d) a G.P.S.
                      e) a mobile phone with a Malawian sim card (TNM or Airtel)

                      Flares are available form the committee against a deposit of 25USD for each set of two flares (pencil and smoke) which is refundable on return

                      Each boat must be in good condition. The committee may disqualify boats that they consider to be not seaworthy. It is advisable to carry an emergency pack containing high energy bars, matches, money, space blanket, etc.

                      Capsize Drill

                      All teams will have to prove their efficiency in righting their boats from a capsize position. This is to ensure that all competitors are capable of righting their boats and that the masts are watertight.